I’ve never really taken guitar lessons and am terrified to see all my bad habits face me. It’s a great instrument, but except for a few songs I’m on Piano. (So I say “I don’t play guitar… BUT I have watched a lot of Angus Young videos on youtube” ;).

I’ve liked AC/DC since I was a kid. My friend James Dawson burned me all their albums and I actually bought “Stiff Upper Lip”. I’ve got the “studio” set up. In this clip at the beginning there is a little guitar lick that I play which is 100% recorded using the GoPro’s on-board mic. I think it sounds really full because of the sympathetic vibrations coming up the neck and through the attachment device. I switch to a mix between the GoPro’s audio and the “studio mix” right before I start singing- if you listen carefully you can hear it. The “studio mix” is the guitar with effects coming in on a 1/4″ via a Scarlett-2i2 USB interface. The vocals come in via that big-ass mic with an XLR connection to the Scarlett-2i2. Guitar and Singing are hard to record (at the same time) because no matter the setup if you’re using an acoustic guitar you’re going to get a lot of that into the mic. The vocals don’t sound as warm or as full as I’d like because I had to adjust (reduce) the vocal track around the 1k to 3k range. I did that because the guitar “slap” percussion was REALLY loud and made the whole mix basically suck green goat balls. Anyways- turned out okay.

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